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A great low cost, very effective way to promote the benefits of a product!

A great low cost, very effective way to promote the benefits of a product!
Factorial promotions ask consumers to rank 10 statements (educational / selling points) about the product for a chance to win a huge prize. Subliminally the consumer engages with the brand, studying the benefits of the product. If an entrant matches the independent judging panel’s ranking they win the big prize. The promotion can be advertised online, via social media, magazines, mailings, on pack and at trade and consumer shows. Included in our Fixed Fee we build and manage a secure promotional microsite which can be also be linked to the client’s main website. No proof of purchase necessary – unless required by the client. After the closing date all entries go into a free prize draw –giving everyone further chances to win prizes - guaranteeing winners. After the promotion closes, the data is retuned to client company – showing the customer’s preferences and of course any other info gathered.

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